End Users


The agriculture sector is expected to be one of the largest markets for UAS technology, the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) study finds, accounting for 80 percent of all commercial uses. The many ways of utilizing the technology are endless and applicable to all types of agriculture: crops, livestock, pasture and rangelands. Among many other agricultural benefits, UAS could provide a cost-effective way to protect crop health and observe overall farm performance. The incorporation of UAS is a growing trend in precision agriculture, as it makes farming more efficient and cost-effective like never before. UAS can provide farmers with a low-cost way to spray for pests and diseases, analyze soil patterns, and check crops for signs of drought and blight. UAS can save farmers the significant cost of hiring or operating manned aircraft.

The market for agricultural drones lies in the technology's ability to provide farmers with a birds-eye view of their land. Historically, farmers have walked their land to survey it-looking for areas that need more fertilizer or water. More recently many have begun using small passenger planes to look at their lots from the air. But since airplane rental and fuel costs can quickly run into five figures, there's strong demand for cheaper alternatives and UAS is the best and cheapest technology available!

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