Associate Partners

Michigan has an extensive network of aerospace associations and partners working collaboratively to foster the growth of unmanned systems across the state. The Robotic cluster located in southeast Michigan is one of the key actors working for the advancement of unmanned systems technologies. By having NMUASC and the Robotic cluster, Michigan can pride itself of being able to provide a turn-key solution for the whole unmanned industry by offering a cluster environment for both the ground and the air segment. As stated, Michigan counts many aerospace associations, but one worth particular mention is the Upper Michigan Green Aviation Coalition (UMIGAC). UMIGAC, a partner of NMUASC, created a unique cluster concept dedicated to the advancement of green aviation technologies and among the research fields studied, UAS are a key component. NMUASC is also supported by government agencies and the military. Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan National Guard and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation are among NMUASC's official partners list.