End Users


UASs applications for the energy sector bring added-value solutions for the industry. UASs are utilized to monitor pipelines and electric lines in a more efficient and more cost-effective way than manned aircraft. The hourly cost to deploy unmanned aerial system to monitor energy infrastructure is cheaper and safer. Flying at low altitude over power lines is a dangerous task for any professional pilots as hazards are omnipresent. UASs can also be used to monitor the heat loss over a power plant or identify leakage sources on a pipeline. The sensors' precision, the available payloads and the high capacity of data collection are among the advantages of UAS systems over manned aircraft. UASs also offer the capability to perform geophysical surveys for the oil and gas industry at a lesser cost with better results. The applications are endless. Multiple academic institutions in Michigan are developing UAS applications for the energy and our uncongested airspace is the destination of choice to test those applications and their supporting platforms.

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