End Users

Fisheries & Wildlife

Challenging terrains and low altitudes are the two (2) main dangers biologist face, when performing aerial surveys (animal populations, fish stocks, etc.). Despite this known fact, thousands of flights are performed annually to complete these critical surveys, seeing as no suitable alternative previously existed. UASs changed the situation drastically, by providing an affordable, easy to use and safer solution. The advantages of UASs for fisheries and wildlife monitoring and surveillance are broad, and not limited to safer operations. Among the benefits, the use of UASs allows for a rapid deployment, better accuracy and higher-resolution imagery, than that of a typical manned aircraft mounted with cameras. In other words, UASs are the most advanced tool for aerial imagery collecting, for both wildlife and fishery research. Undoubtedly, Michigan, known for its rich wildlife and northern wilderness, is the ideal location where biologists, researchers and manufacturers meet to develop the 21st UASs applications and platforms.

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