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Infrastructure Surveillance

There is limited funding for dealing with the state of our infrastructures; however there is a great need to efficiently assess and understand its condition. For example, one in nine bridges in the USA are structurally deficient, and the average age of America's 600,000 bridges is 42 years old (www.infrastructurereportcard.org/bridges/)! With over 4 million miles of roads in the US, 1/3 of them (1.3 million miles) remain unpaved, and receive little formal condition assessment. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have a great potential to help with an efficient and cost-effective condition assessment for these types of transportation infrastructures. Where potentially dangerous, difficult, or cost-prohibitive to inspect bridges, gravel roads, and confined spaces, UAVs can help provide rapid, high-resolution imaging of these problematic areas, increasing the understanding of the infrastructure issues such as, the amount of delamination in a bridge deck, the number and severity of potholes along a gravel road, and whether it is safe to send a person into a storage tank or culvert. Other infrastructure inspections, such as checking on the condition of rooftops, light poles, hazardous waste sites, flooded areas, etc., can also be assessed with a remotely-controlled small aerial vehicle. UAVs can be mounted with compact infrared, LiDAR (Light detection and ranging), and high-definition cameras, along with other sensors, to help safely and efficiently inspect infrastructure condition. The opportunity exists to help support infrastructure condition assessment and monitoring while saving money and reducing the need to place people in dangerous situations.

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