End Users

Law Enforcement

UASs extend any human potential. They allow users to execute dangerous or difficult missions safely, efficiently, save time, money and most importantly, save human lives. The benefits of UASs for law enforcement agencies are very important, and bring operations to the next level. UASs provide superior situational awareness, while minimizing the danger to which they are exposed. UASs are like an eye in sky for law enforcement agencies, at a fraction of the cost of operating a manned aircraft. As per a recent study, fewer than 3 percent of law enforcement units have aviation assets to support their daily operations, due to the high operating costs of manned aircraft. UASs are the solution for law enforcement agencies. They are more affordable, while at the same time, give maximum surveillance even in the harshest of situations. The flexibility, adaptability and versatility of the different vehicles allow them to enter buildings, shallow entrances, accident sites, and strongholds easily, without being noticed. The technology exists, and can basically support law enforcement on any critical situations.

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