Supply Chain

NMUASC different business units unite academia, industry and end-users, with the objective to foster innovation, test and develop new UASs designs and concepts. The demonstrated capabilities of our partners in R&D, testing, training and manufacturing cover the complete UAS value chain.

This juxtaposition of broad and deep capabilities and activities provides powerful support tools to UAS organizations; and our integrated supply chain will certainly facilitate your day-to-day operations and bring an added-value to your organization.

The global aerospace supply-chain is rapidly changing. The challenges posed by this transformation are significant, however; offer great opportunities for NMUASC members, recognized for their expertise and ingenuity. In a context of globalized world markets, prime contractors are reducing the number of their suppliers, preferring to work with a few intermediary companies that offer integrated solutions and manage numerous subcontractors. 

Consequently, the global supply-chain is changing, favoring the emergence of integrators, entrusted with the responsibility for the design, fabrication and assembly of complete systems. To maintain its leadership position, our members must continuously adapt and innovate, provide an integrated supply-chain that is more flexible, and is aligned with prime contractor expectations.

In the midst of these transformations, NMUASC created the Supply-Chain Development Working group (see Cluster initiative section of more information).