UAS Michigan

UAS Sector

Michigan UAS industry is growing at a rapid pace and the business community is very enthusiastic about its future in the state. Ongoing UAS activities in Michigan are covering the whole spectrum of UAV segments and potential applications. From the mini and micro UAS to the tactical UAS and larger MALE and HALE platforms, Michigan has been supporting military operations over the past decade. On the commercial side, the number of operations and R&D activities performed are booming and Michigan organisations are literally active in every field of applications and researches.


Applications Markets segments

Homeland Security

  • Emergency evaluation
  • Criminal apprehension support
  • Border and maritime monitoring
  • Monitoring of safety zones
  • Public safety
  • Environment
  • Educational institutions
  • Police & enforcement agencies
  • Correctional services
  • Fire protection
  • Airports, ports & marine installations
  • Strategic infrastructures
  • Borders and immigration

Land Management

  • Forest and forest fire management
  • Evaluation of natural disasters
  • Various agricultural applications
  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Combat air services Providers
  • Public safety
  • Environment
  • Health agencies
  • Police forces
  • Fire protection
  • Search & rescue


  • Publicity, media
  • Various civil applications
  • Crop dusting
  • Monitoring of pipelines
  • Maintenance of power lines
  • Video of events and sports
  • Advertising
  • Exploration, mining and geological statementsInfrastructure Inspection and Management
  • Public events
  • Advertisement
  • Agriculture
  • Industry

Earth Science

  • Weather and environmental monitoring
  • Management of animal life, flora and forests
  • Resources mapping