Cluster Initiatives

Innovation Working Group (IWG)

The core mission of the Innovation Working Group is to foster R&D development and collaboration between member organizations, academia, R&D centers, State & Federal agencies and the industry. Among the activities, the working group is responsible to prepare a technology road map, it is in charge of identifying potential collaborative opportunities, determine the outreach strategy and oversee R&D orientations and goals to help obtain R&D funding and forge productive alliances. To achieve its mandate and guide NMUASC towards future technology trends, the innovation working group is fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Per annum, provide a SWOT analysis of NMUASC R&D positioning and make recommendations to the board.
  • On an ongoing basis, analyse and determine commercial UAS applications with high potential for NMUASC group of private and public organisations.
  • Monitor new programs and funding opportunities for targeted R&D segments and make recommendations to the board.
  • Per annum, review NMUASC infrastructure and equipment and provide to the board a list of suggested improvements.