Cluster Initiatives

Supply Chain Working Group (SCWG)

The mission is to support and lead the development of a UAS supply chain in Michigan and improve its integration. Among the activities, the SCWG is developing a best practice manual for suppliers, coordinates members' certification and skill-set development, determine the procedures with OEMs and assist NMUASC organizations in getting compliant with suppliers requirements. To achieve its mandate and improve NMUASC's supply chain efficiency and reliability, the supply chain working group is performing the following tasks:

  • Biannually, identify the documentation required to structure the supply chain and the interrelations between the organisations and make recommendations to the Board of directors;
  • Per annum, conduct an overall review of NMUASC's service offering, and determine services to add to the portfolio;
  • On an ongoing basis, make recommendations to the Board of directors on ways to improve service delivery and efficiency of the value chain.