The NMUASC Test Center is located within an airspace complex in excess of 20,000 square miles, 30% of which is over fresh water. The area is characterized by a low-density population, with wide, uninhabited expanses that make it ideal for UAS research, testing and development activities.

Airspace Overview

The airspace will allow for UAS operations from the surface throughout the range and provides a floor of 5,000 MSL for larger platforms. The ceiling extends to FL500, providing significant volume for numerous concurrent operations, with dissimilar goals and objectives.


  • Large airspace complex – Allows up to 200 flights simultaneously, making it the perfect location for dissimilar aircraft research at different altitudes.
  • Altitude ranging from 0 to 50,000 ft. – Capacity to support high altitude and high speed flights, with an airspace complex of 20,000 sq. miles, within a 600-mile perimeter.
  • Uncongested flying area – Very limited civilian flights and low populated areas for ideal flight testing conditions.
  • Airspace over fresh water – Miles of open Great Lakes freshwater within the test range makes it the perfect location for marine UAS research & operations.
  • Four season location and a diversified terrain – The climatic diversity of the test range provides a variety of environments for test-flights and data collection.
  • Cross-border activities - Airspace complex located next to the Canadian border with access to a cross-border Military Operating Airspace (MOA). Potential to perform joint training.


The NMUASC Test Center has the required infrastructure to perform UAS test-flight activities. Our test site locations have the expertise and necessary equipment to support all types of UAS operations. Our capabilities allow UAS operations to take place 25 minutes prior to the official sunrise and 25 minutes after the official sunset; Monday through Friday, except on official U.S. holidays.