The NMUASC head office is located at the Alpena County Regional Airport. The airport is owned and operated by Alpena County, and is located five minutes west of the city of Alpena, in a remote area, easily accessible by Highway M-32. The Airport offers two runways: 1/19 (9001 ft x 150 ft) and 7/25 (5028 ft x 100 ft).

The airport is also the host to one of only four Combat Readiness Training Centers (CRTC) across the USA. The CRTC provides training to US air wings, ground forces, joint training, and even coalition forces. The CRTC offers a huge ramp that can accommodate three flying squadrons, and a multitude of operational training sites; specialized flight management equipment, security training, communication training, and fire, emergency and medical service's training. Through our partnership with the Army National Guard (ANG), in conjunction with our geographic location, the Alpena test site location offers operational flexibility, the required infrastructure, proximity to available airspace and diversified testing capabilities to UAS organizations. Our privileged access to the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) provides us with an integrated, year-round, realistic training environment. The CRTC is also equipped with the latest DASR 11 radar, enabling air traffic controllers to see and track the smallest UAS over the Alpena region providing a safe airspace for all manned and unmanned aircraft.

The airspace over Alpena and Grayling is vast, and regroups seven (7) Military Operating Airspaces (MOA), in addition to three (3) Restricted Operating Airspaces (ROA – in red) as depicted on the figure below. We have collaborated and established strong ties with the two military entities responsible for managing the airspace covering central Michigan: The Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC), and Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center.

Alpena Airport