Flight Services

UAS Rental

The UAS payload industry is growing at a rapid pace, and specific UAV platforms are sometimes required to embark the payload system. A payload developer may not have the appropriate UAV to test his sensors, or may find it more convenient to rent a platform on location for economic reasons.

NMUASC has a number of UAS for rent for quick and effective testing and development of new payload. The UAS has been approved for flight within NMUASC test ranges with a pre-approved COA framework. NMUASC has direct access to the right engineering specialists, who know the UAS platforms well and can quickly perform the required installation design for safe and effective testing to take place. Manufacturing and installation of the payloads can be performed by qualified aircraft specialists who have years of experience with similar installations. We have access to a number of UAV's of various sizes and performance to suit your needs. Operations of the aircraft can also be offered.

Should you have any questions on the UAS rental service or would like to request a quote, please contact an NMUASC Test Center representative at info@nmuasc.com or via phone at 989-358-9968.